Welcome to Berlin´s biggest dragon boat festival!

Every year Berlin´s biggest dragon boat club welcomes hundrets of paddlers, visitors and sportsmen at the olymipic race course in Berlin Grünau.
This year you will hear the starting signal “Are you ready ? – Attention – Go!” there on 03./04.09.2022 when 9 dragon boats with 20 paddler each line up next to eachother to challenge 100m, 200m, 500m or even 1.000m. More than 70 teams only have one goal…to paddle in one rhythm and have the greatest fun ever!
Enjoy loud and powerful drums, colorful and exotic boats, massive strength of 20 athletes, frightening dragon heads starring at you, when the elegant boats pass, – thrilling battle cries, paddlers sliding on beat with a single stroke.
Be a part of the best dragon boat event in Berlin as visitor or paddler! See you at the start line…