With your acceptance explanation you confirm the following conditions of participation and security rules and assure to have made this to your team members before the event known and accessibly.

1. Only teams which have announced themselves at the latest to 12.08.2023 obligingly about the online registration form of the event homepage are eligible.

2. The entry fee is to be transferred up to 19.08.2023 to the account of the BDC (see advertising).

3. Teams which cannot prove to one hour before the first running that they have transferred the entry fee can take part only as a spectator. A cash payment on the racing day is not possible.

4. Should an obligingly announced team not be able to take part, – for which reasons also always – please informed the organizer immediately. A claim to refund of the entry fee as well as all other obligingly announced achievements does not exist.

5. Should more teams announce themselves than can take part in the event, the teams which have announced at last (registration and monetary entrance will count), sedate on a waiting list. From the waiting list can become with refusals of other teams in the starter field moved up. Should this not be the case, the deposited entry fee is refunded by full height.

6. The owner of the regatta distance prohibits the barbecue as well as driving on by vehicles for all participants on the whole regatta area. Per team the construction of a pavilion (maximum 3 m x 3 m) can be admitted on the saddle place. We control regularly whether the provided set surfaces are used rightfully. With offences the pavilions are diminished and returned to the teams on Sunday!

7. Under exception of the elements belonging to the team clothes we ask the teams, on an excessive selfrepresentation (as for example the construction of advertising states to renounce attaching of advertisement posters as well as the distribution of advertising gifts). Exception: These activities are tuned with the organizer.

8. The provided regatta area and the lodging possibilities will as leave from the participants after the event as they were found. Costs by possible damages or pollutions are born without exception by the causes and are charged by the organizer.

9. All participants should be at the latest 9:00 o’clock on the regatta area, because from this time at the entrance an entrance fee is raised at the rate of two euros per person (children less than 14 years freely). The sent registration tapes must be shown by You at the entrance.

10. Result is to be performed to own security without limitation to the instructions of the organisation staff. The organizer reserves himself for safety reasons to exclude participants who do not obey instructions, from the regatta.

11. The put materials and boats are to be treated by the users devotedly. Deliberate or by improper treatment caused damages must be substituted with the cause.

12. All participants take part in the event on own danger.

13. The organizers, the sponsors, voluntary assistants, employees and official are released with the signature of the obliging registration from any liability.

14. Every participant explains that he can swim 100 m in the clothes which he carries during the running in the boat. All sportsmen taking part in the runnings must be enough for the health demands of this sport. It lies in the responsibility of the respective Teamcaptains that only participants take part in runnings which have grown to these demands.

15. For the participation of not of age a consent of the education beneficiary is to be signed and to deliver one hour before the first running, as well as to present a youth swimming badge in silver.

16. The announcing undertakes to announce this security instruction to every participant before the event.

17. The organizer reserves himself to shorten the event on account of higher power (storm) and special events (low number of participants) or to call off this.

18. For safety reasons glass bottles on the regatta area are forbidden!

19. Note: Our event will be accompanied by photographs. Participants explain their participation to their
consent that the Berlin Dragonboat Company e.V. may have been created before, during or after the event
Photographic material for public relations purposes on social networks e.g. Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram. Efforts are being made not to publish unfavorable photos.

With my declaration of acceptance (see online registration) I confirm the above mentioned conditions of participation and security rules and I assure you that I made these available to my team members prior to the event.